There is a whole host of items that are accessories to dinnerware patterns, and they are often something that dinnerware designers have to do after the basic 5-piece set is designed and the manufacturing deadline is looming, so they wind up playing second fiddle. In the case of Corning Designs Occasions, the accessories were also cookware that was beautiful enough to bring to the table. We have always striven to do that.

in the 50s and 60s, Dansk, was to tabletop design as Willem De Kooning was to painting, and Dansk, throughout its long history has always treated their seminal products with great respect and understanding as their core philosophy-their raison d’etre. We did a recent project with Dansk, and worked with Paul Thonis, who had a very clear idea of what he wanted, which was very exciting for us. The products were to be made from Bamboo (being a green material) and porcelain, fit within the design history of Dansk, and it would be completely “thought through”.  Originally, we called it Jylland, or Jutland, from the place in Denmark.  Eventually it became “Urban Picnic”

We did a vast number of sketches and models to get this right. Virtually everything involved a sketch, drawings, and models.

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The creative energy of many people went into this.  Working within these constraints has a basis in art, craft, historic architecture and sociology.

You can’t just design something in a vacuum - Who are you designing it for, and what does this do for them?

We have designed a lot of things for Dansk, including dinnerware (shown on that page) flatware, shown below.  Many companies have their own historical precedents which inform the design.

To paraphrase what Ettore Sottsas said  “does design improve over time?” I don’t think so.

What are the things you love the most?

Corning Designs, above: American white ash wooden cutting boards and bowls, made in Missouri.

right: Natural and black-dyed ash bowls with heat proof glass liners,

can be used as a salad bowl, ice bucket or casserole.  We tried various carrying systems and settled on a wood handle held in place by a colorful piece of nylon mountaineering cord.

Wilton Armetale footed bowl

Oneida casseroles

Corning Designs Table for One.

The portable placemat, writing desk, serving tray, bed tray.

One side is flat, the other has a lip. Made in various woods.

Dansk Pajaro Stripes serving accessory drawings                   Wilton Armetale Tablo drinkware and serving accessories

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